Sunday, July 29, 2007

Baltimore Book Fest

Hey guys, a friend showed me this flyer, apparently Gary Kachadourian (he works for the Baltimore Promotion of the Arts) is putting together a magazine stand for the Baltimore Book Fest this year, and specifically wants collaborative artist's mini-books, and while our planned book may not fit the description exactly, I think such a project could be right up our alley?


D Diddy Dizzog said...

holy fuck!

nice catch!

eight pages means eight artists.

if we can get two books, then that'd be awesome.
if not, we'd need eight reps.

which black and white artists are up for this??

D Diddy Dizzog said...


i've been tossing around the idea of doing exquisite corpses.

that'd be 3 artists per page.

we could have 6 different exquisite corpses and a front/back
or one huge one that spans the whole magazine.

D Diddy Dizzog said...

or we could team up and have 2 artists make one piece each

that'd fit all of us on six pages with a front and back

we could have it so that on each page we have one artist draw a character fighting another artists' character!!!!

so like, you open it and a fluffy bagel made creature is getting pummeled by a jordan dude

on a jimmy warrior is fighting a kelly weird-guy-from-street

does anyone else have ideas!?

D Diddy Dizzog said...

i'm really excited... sorry

Alessa K said...

I like the exquisite corpse idea. Especially if it's the kind where each person draws a comic panel.

Kali said...

Good ideas all around. I'm up for it!

However, it looks like they can only want to sell 8 copies of each book, and if we sell them for $3, then the total profit we'd make would only be $24, which isn't very much when you're splitting it between 16 people. I think we need to have at least several editions, so we can turn a higher profit.

An exquisite corpse book is a good idea, and probably wouldn't take long to execute, so maybe we could have 3 different exquisite corpse books. Or maybe also make a fighting book, and a comic-exquisite corpse book. We don't have to be limited to one, and maybe that way if someone wants to do one or two but not all of them, we can spread the work around.