Saturday, July 14, 2007

UPDATE: Web Two Point Izzo

I have officially bought EKTOKIDS.COM

If you click, you will see that nothing is there.
This is where you come in.

I've been coming up with ideas for a while about how to make the site. It's been tricky because I don't want it to look like I, David, made it, I want it to feel like everybody's website. So, in regards to that, here's my plan. is going to serve as a hub to link all of our art together and be super-community-web-two-point-oh-bloggy-social-networkytastic
when you load up the site, you will see two elements:
1.A random logo designed by an Ektokid at the top
2.And at the bottom will be an artist menu

The logos will be randomized every time someone visits the site

The menu will be a fighting game (cough, mortal kombat, cough, 1993) character select screen.

here's a visual aid as to what im talking about:

I apologize for the crudeness, i made these at work in MSPAINT making what some have already called "An outright disgusting use of Facebook."

There will be no flash, just simple javascript. When you scroll over an Ektokid, they will appear in in the left as an animated gif of them in a fighting position.

Alright, still with me?

When you click on the kid, you will be brought to the next part of the site, which will be a sort of stats page. this will show a small bio, work examples, blog link and a big ass picture of the kid with a custom name title.

Here's what I have in mind:

Alright, now I know the likelyhood of making 16 people put together a website, so I am going to do everything, I would just need a bio and logo from you guys. I could take most of the pictures myself.

Also, I know large photos take time to load, but these would all be wonderfully and purposefully low resolution to look like a shitty videogame.

My reasoning for this weird fighting game idea?

It doesnt have me drawing anything so it won't look davidized
We will have alter-egos
its fun, thirteen-year-old-edgy much like the name "ektokids"
animated gifs of us in fighting positions
if you don't like photos of yourself, we can add masks, extra arms

anyway, if you have a better idea, hate this with every fiber of your being, or have suggestions, BE VOCAL, comment on this.

in other news,
I've been gallery hunting for us and have had a few callbacks and responses,
people are interested in us, but Artscape is in fullswing, so they can't talk more until that's over, so more updates later.

Peace Out


brand new DJ DOUBLE DRIBBLE (me) mix with original instrumentals! PHAT.


Alessa K said...

Round one . . FIGHT!

awesome idea, I'm all in for it.

Bagel Han said...

what am I supposed to be, raiden?!

i'm okay with that, though, actually.
can i be that one mystery opponent and have some obscure face?

Bagel Han said...

i'm all for the idea! raiden or whatever, I like it

Kali said...

Awesome! It all sounds good to me! Plus, I always wanted to fight in drag with Jess.