Sunday, August 5, 2007


thanks everyone for being on time and making great art. you are amazing and this is going to be sweet as shit.

I still need pieces from Jess, Kelly, Andrea and Nick

Sorry to everyone that i haven't been very quick to respond the past few days, I've been working my stupid segway job, djing like 80 shows, and basically having to be 9 places at once all the time. I'm quitting my job in the next week and going home for like 4 days, so hopefully I can get my shit back together and start to get the ball rolling in the website department.

Alright. Thaz eet.

Thanks again everyone. You're tops.


Bagel Han said...

are there any other job opportunities that pay as well as your job at port disc?

Jeremy Enecio said...

Hey Dave, can you invite me to this blog so that I can post my shit? thanks kindly

D Diddy Dizzog said...

whats your blogger username email thingy?

mr. pants said...

yeah you need to invite me too. i have stuff. ready. and things.

D Diddy Dizzog said...

whats your blogger name?