Friday, August 3, 2007

Mini Cowboy Goodie Bag

For David:

Goodie Bag
Do what you must with it.


ps you got my e-mails, right? should I attempt to finish the first piece or just stick with the one posted here?


D Diddy Dizzog said...

yeah, sorry, i've been a bit caught up.

yes, i got your emails, i love the piece, though, i'm a bit worried about how the blue will print.
otherwise, awesome.

everyone awesome!

Bagel Han said...

why, how do you think the blue will print? aaaand where's your piece??

D Diddy Dizzog said...

im just worried it might print a bit too dark... but it probably won't be, and i'm probably dumb.

also, i've been working on a second piece, i've just been swamped.

Bagel Han said...

cool cool, i understand you being swamped djing, working, pooping, eating, and all. i can alter the color a bit and give you that version. i don't understand cmyk and then printing and all that just confuses me more and more so i don't erally know either. let me know!
muuuch love