Saturday, August 11, 2007


Hey David, check this out: Sia

"Buttons" - Sia
neat music video, too.


Andrea said...

haha that picture alone really disturbs me so I don't think i can watch this.

D Diddy Dizzog said...

haha, she's fun.
she did the song for the final moments in six feet under where everyone in the cast dies.

D Diddy Dizzog said...

i never saw that video though, creepworld!

Bagel Han said...

oh andrea, but you must see it!

Bagel Han said...

First time around you think,"oo, neat!"
Though, yes, the times after that it gets more and more disturbing..
I've watched it so many times already.

Kali said...

I watched it, and it reminded me of some feminist video a Mica student would do. Plus, it was creepy. Song wasn't bad, though.