Thursday, September 6, 2007

Guys! Let's sell stuff!

Just copy pasted this from the mica email. Let's get a table or something! It seems like it's free to join.



A group of faculty and staff have gotten together to organize a campus-wide holiday sale, which will combine existing sales that used to be organized separately by campus groups. By having a larger, inclusive sale, we hope to attract better publicity and attendance, and to create a festive holiday event in which many members of the MICA community will participate. The MICA ART MARKET will be a fun and welcoming way to show off the creativity and entrepreneurial energy of the MICA community. A group of staff and faculty got together to talk through the idea and to begin coordinating this exciting new event.

This first meeting involved some who have organized craft and artwork sales at MICA in the past. (July 12 meeting participants: Mary Walsh-Reynolds, Marian Savige, Megan Miller, Betty Enselein, Andrea Dixon, Michelle Longway, Rene Trevino, Monee Cottman, Anne South, Ellen Lupton, Anita Klein)

To keep the sale manageable logistically, the market will be divided into sections based on campus groups, rather than individuals. Campus groups include: Academic Departments, Student Organizations, and Faculty/Staff Consortia. Each group will have a point person who will make sure that group's sale is organized and set up and closed down each day during the event.

The MICA ART MARKET will not include the student Raw Art Sale. That event will continue in the Meyerhoff House as usual.

The MICA ART MARKET committee, chaired by Anita Klein, a member of the graphic design department, will work on publicity materials and general event details, consulting closely with the Communications Office, Events, and Exhibitions.

EVENT DATES: December 5 - 7, 3pm to 7pm; Dec. 8, 3pm to 5pm

PLACE: Leidy Atrium, Brown Center

NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, September 12th at 1:30 - 2:30pm in Brown 320 - everyone is welcome!

Overview sheets, contracts and merchandise forms for the sale will be available at the meeting.

PARTICIPATION: All students, faculty or staff member may participate. Students must form groups by department or as student organizations. Each group will be responsible for setting up their display and closing down each day. Groups will also take turns working the sales table.

FACULTY & STAFF: Will be considered one group. Individual participation forms must be submitted by October 26th.

STUDENT PARTICIPATION: Students may make a group from a department or from an existing student organization. Each student group must assign a point person to work with participants from that group. All student participation forms must be submitted by October 26th.

Students wishing to participate in the joint craft show should see their department point person-or volunteer to be the point person for their department. This would be a good class project for students.


Ellen Lupton & Jennifer Phillips will coordinate with graphic design students, Communications and Illustration will oversee the design of press information, banners, flyers, etc. which will be given out to each department as well as being placed throughout the community. The event will be advertised in Juxtapositions.

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Alessa K said...

Great idea. We should sell things. Is anyone able to go to the meeting on Wednesday?